Richard Myers
Richard Myers
Editorial Collage
Inspired by the musical lyrics from a 1960s emerging pop culture, these images are a metaphorical visual representation of my adolescent journey into a realm of mystery and dicscovery. Possessed by a naive and seemingly invisible presence, I wandered the streets of Downtown more curious than afraid. Unlike many older and more urban cities, the downtown Dallas streets were a foreboding place. This perception was even further embedded by the iconoclastic circumstances of the Kennedy assignation. Evident amongst the obvious class disparity were architectural monuments symbolic to the bipolar nature of it's own concrete surroundings. Even at an early age I felt the transitory nature of modern culture and how it's occupation of space seemed at odds, perhaps destined to fade into an isolationist existence. 
As I explore these same haunts fifty five years later, I am still an "outsider", those childhood freedoms having faded into something darker and unfolding; a societal  acceptance of self incarceration, a declination into fear as a dysfunctional reality.     
 " And so castles made of sand slips into the sea, eventually" (Hendrix)