Richard Myers
Editorial Collage

In his 25-plus years as an acclaimed photographer, Richard Myers has cemented his reputation as an award-winning commercial artist, an imaginative illusionist, and a creative problem solver. A lifetime of creative expression has transformed a professional skill into a very personal means of communication. Photography is a unique art form in that both spontaneity and realism play a pivotal role in how the viewer relates to an image. Pushing those boundaries is a large part of Richard’s pursuit. It’s the ability to connect with a viewer on an emotional level that matters most to him.


After earning a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in radio-television-film from the University of Texas at Austin, Richard began his career in the film industry. The collaborative, delegation-based nature of film productions proved to be a valuable experience that equipped him with keen insights into the vital partnerships that make imagery come to life. It also inspired him to apply the dynamic nature of the cinema to the medium of still photography.

Richard spent the next several years as a photographer working collaboratively with other specialists to create immersive “shows” incorporating still imagery, artwork, and live choreography. Despite commercial success, Richard made the decision to return to school to further extend his artistic awareness and skill set.

The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, enabled him to expand his creativity in photography and design. Inspired by his instructors and the work of his fellow students, he completed the three-year program in two years, graduating second in his class with a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography. His work also appeared in the coveted Art Center catalogue the following year.


Energized by his creative explorations in the Los Angeles area, Richard brought his distinctive style of expression home to Dallas — armed with his portfolio and a list of Art Center alumni to call on. The Richards Group was prominent on that list and his first portfolio showing resulted in assignment work for multiple campaigns.

The alumni list also included several Design Firms, one of which was in the early stages of a brochure for the nationally known firm Cobb and Friend, now known as Friend and Johnson. A referral meeting was set, and a synergistic partnership emerged. Key to this relationship was the constant pursuit of new personal imagery — sometimes a reinvention of style — to reach an expanding clientele. Their representation not only brought national exposure; it also gave him a deeper understanding of the business component of commercial photography.


The one constant throughout Richard’s career has been his ability to spot opportunities for professional and spiritual growth and pursue those opportunities with passion. While every photo shoot and artistic exploration is conceptual in origin, Richard continues to hone his remarkable gift for adapting to unexpected dynamics — frequently elevating the end result.

Today, Richard continues to take on select editorial assignments as he deepens his focus on fine art photography with a distinctly dark, illustrative quality. When not on location or in the studio, Richard can often be found on his motorcycle exploring new places of inspiration, near and far.